The world's first Belt And Road Multi-Cultural Studies Centre

The world's first Belt And Road Multi-Cultural Studies Centre
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The London School of Business and Finance are now in collaboration1 with Xiamen University to set up the world's first Belt And Road Multi-Cultural Studies Centre.
It is believed that LSBF in Singapore is the first private education institution in Singapore to secure a project related to the B&R Initiative.
The Belt And Road Multi-Cultural Studies Centre will offer transnational educational programs, providing business executives and students a better understanding of China's Belt and Road Initiative, and invaluable2 insight and appreciation3 of Chinese cultural nuances, business etiquette4 and expectations. The first program is expected to commence by January 2018.
Zheng Tongtao, Dean of Xiamen University, OEC, said: "LSBF is one of the leading private education institutions (in Singapore) with an extensive global outreach. Their Chinese Bilingual School has a unique program model grounded in sound theory and good practices associated with an enriched learning environment."
"We see great potential for LSBF in Singapore to facilitate the development of education under the B&R initiatives. They will push forward our shared vision of transnational education by providing holistic5 study experiences and cultural exchanges," he added.
For Rathakrishnan Govind, CEO of LSBF Global, understanding the culture and cultural sensitiveness of doing business is essential to any B&R venture. 
He said: "The collaboration is based on this foundation. The partnership6 with Xiamen University and establishment of the B&R Multi-Cultural Centre in LSBF in Singapore is critical to our long-term vision to provide relevant education to students and businesses who may be increasingly doing business in China."
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