Making Domestic Demand the Main Engine Driving Growth

Making Domestic Demand the Main Engine Driving Growth
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Boosting domestic demand is both a major force driving economic important structural adjustment. We need to fully leverage the basic role of consumption and the key role of investment, foster new regional economic mainstay belts, stimulate both supply and demand, and establish a permanent mechanism for increasing domestic demand.

In working to increase domestic demand, we will focus on boosting consumption. We will enhance people's ability to consume by increasing their incomes, improve consumption policies, foster new areas of consumption and increase consumption of services. We will support nongovernmental investors in running various types of services, with the focus on elderly care, health, tourism, and culture, and implement the system of paid vacations. We will promote information consumption; implement China's broadband strategy; speed up the development of 4G mobile communications; build 100M fiber optic networks in cities and extend broadband connectivity to rural villages; greatly increase the speed of the Internet; deliver telecommunications, radio and television, and Internet services over a single broadband connection across the country; and encourage the creative development of e-commerce. We will safeguard cyber-security. We will deepen reform of distribution channels; remove all barriers to a nationwide unified market; cut distribution costs; and encourage development of logistics and delivery, express delivery services, and online shopping. We will fully tap the enormous consumption potential of more than a billion people.

We will take investment as the key to maintaining stable economic growth. We will accelerate reform of the investment and financing systems; encourage more parties to make investment; launch more demonstration projects involving private investment; improve the investment structure; and maintain proper growth in fixed-asset investment. Budgetary investment of the central government will rise to 457.6 billion yuan, which will be mainly invested in government-subsidized housing, agriculture, major water conservancy projects, railways in the central and western regions, energy conservation, environmental protection and social programs. We hope that such government investment will attract more investment in these areas from other sources. We will make developing new regional economic belts a strategic step for stimulating development. We will energetically carry out the master strategy for regional development. We will give high priority to the large-scale development of the western region; fully revitalize old industrial bases in the northeast and other parts of the country; spur the rise of the central region; vigorously support the eastern region in taking the lead in transforming and upgrading the economy; and increase support to old revolutionary base areas, ethnic minority areas, border areas and poor areas. We will promote a new type of regional development, and extend development in a phased way from the eastern region to the western region, from coastal areas to the interior, and along major rivers and land transportation lines. We will build a new economic development belt along the Yangtze River. We will use major coastal and border ports as fulcrums to develop economic belts that connect the coastal areas with the southwest, central south, northeast and northwest. We will promote economic integration in the Yangtze River Delta, deepen economic cooperation in the pan-Pearl River Delta, and strengthen economic coordination in the Bohai Sea region and the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. We will implement different economic policies in different regions, speed up relocation of industries, develop trans-regional transportation and goods distribution networks, and create new regional economic growth poles. The seas are our valuable national territory. We will steadfastly promote land and marine development in a coordinated way, fully implement China's marine strategy, develop the marine economy, protect the marine environment, resolutely uphold China's maritime rights and interests, and build China into a maritime power.
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