双语阅读 | 为什么社交媒体让人情绪低落

双语阅读 | 为什么社交媒体让人情绪低落
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Why Social Media Causes Depression

Why Social Media Causes Depression

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A study published in Depression and Anxiety found that social media users are more likely to be depressed. But how does social media make you depressed when spending time on social media can be a fun way to pass time? Well, here are a few reasons and what you can do about it.

Social media encourages social comparison

There have been many studies linking social media to depression. A study in the Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology shows we feel depressed because we’re comparing our own lives to others’ highlight reels. Most people like to portray an idealized image of their lives, personal traits, and appearance on sites like Facebook and Instagram. If you confuse this idealized image with reality, you may be under the false impression that everyone is better than you which can crush your self-esteem and lead to depression. This is especially true for teens and young adults who are more likely to compare themselves to others. If you already suffer from low self-esteem, the illusion that everyone has it better off than you will just make you feel worse.

Social media may lead to information bombarding

Picture this: you're between Zoom meetings, and scrolling through your social media newsfeed. Headlines like "Death toll continues to rise", "COVID-19 may cause long-term health implications" and "Health-care systems overwhelmed" flash across your screen. Your mood takes a dive, but you can't stop scrolling. Seeing these constant reminders causes you to feel more depressed than before. Research suggest that people have a tendency to seek out information during uncertain times and exposure to negative news is likely to be detrimental to our emotional wellbeing. For instance, one study conducted in March 2020 involving more than 6,000 Americans found that the more time participants spent consuming COVID news in a day, the unhappier they felt.

So, what can we do to build a healthy relationship with social media?

Spend real, meaningful time with your friends. Instead of trying to amass friends on social media, a best cure for depression might be spending time with those you're closest to. 

Seek out content that makes you happy to balance out your newsfeed. This may be images of cute kittens, beautiful landscapes, drool-worthy food videos or something else. You could even follow a social media account dedicated to sharing only happy and positive news.

Consider removing apps from your phone. If it’s hard for you to limit or adjust the amount of time you spend on social media, consider deleting your apps from your phone. This’ll help to prevent that mindless scrolling you do at work, at the dinner table, and so on.


1.highlight reel 高能时刻,高光时刻
2.crush v. 破坏,毁坏(某人的信心或幸福)
3.self-esteem 自尊心
4.scroll v. 滚屏,滚动
5.take a dive 暴跌
6.amass v. (尤指大量)积累,积聚
7.newsfeed n. 新闻供应
8.drool-worthy adj. 令人垂涎欲滴的

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