双语阅读 | 你能克服“周一忧郁症”吗?

双语阅读 | 你能克服“周一忧郁症”吗?
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Monday Blues — Can You Beat Them?


Monday Blues — Can You Beat Them?

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Welcome to Monday! How was your sleep last night? Did you feel sick to the stomach knowing that you will wake up to 5 working days? Did you set an extra alarm to ensure you wake on time lest you get late to work? Having these unpleasant feelings is a result of Monday blues, but relax, everyone does experience this kind of laziness in them.



What is meant by Monday blues?



Monday blues is a unique feeling which cannot be expressed in words. It starts late Sunday evening and persists until half your Monday. The closest the feeling comes to is – a mixture of hating yourself and the urge to punch your boss. In more professional terms, it is the feeling of laziness that pops up on the first day after your week offs. You badly want to remain in bed and no matter what you do, you fail to find the motivation to kickstart your day productively.



Why do we get Monday blues?



The reason why one hates Mondays varies from person to person. As per science, the primary reason is due to the change in sleep patterns over the weekend. Most people sleep and wake up late on Saturdays and Sundays. The modified sleep pattern can throw your internal body clock off balance on Monday so that you will feel exhausted or tired.



But here is the kicker. Scientists have recorded the emotions of people at random intervals. Surprisingly, during these trials, Monday turned no different than Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday in terms of stress. The study shows people hate the 4 working days equally. Fridays have a happier note due to the obvious reason of people looking forward to the weekend.



The pain of Monday is excruciating due to the sudden change from weekend to weekday. By Tuesday, we have accepted the change better. So next time when people ask “Why are Mondays so depressing?”, know that the main culprit is the change.



How to beat Monday blues?



Have a good sleep on Sunday



Sleep has a tremendous effect on our mood. According to Harvard Medical School, “poor or inadequate sleep can cause irritability and stress, while healthy sleep can enhance well-being.”



So, if you find yourself a little more short-tempered than normal, sleep may be the answer. Take a nap to energize or get to bed earlier tonight to make up for lost sleep. It’s worth taking this into account on Sunday to avoid a lack of energy on a Monday morning.



Keep Mondays schedule easy


After a weekend of fun and taking it easy, it might be best to keep Monday’s schedule a little lighter than other days. This doesn’t mean sitting around and drowning in your blues. It means that instead of facing the most complicated stuff on a Monday, put some time into the easier tasks. Diminish Monday blues and any anxiety or stress by allowing yourself to do Monday with more ease. Putting less pressure on yourself is a good way to beat the Monday blues.




1. blues n. (informal) 忧郁、悲伤、沮丧

2. punch v. 用拳猛击

3. pop up 突然出现

4. kickstart v. 开始

5. kicker n. (一连串事情的)意外结局

6. excruciating adj. 折磨人的;使苦恼的

7. irritability n. 暴躁、易怒

8. short-tempered adj. 易怒的;脾气坏的

9. drown v. 沉浸,淹没

10. diminish v. 减弱,降低,减少


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