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6 Things Anyone Can Do to Greatly Lower Their Stress Levels


6 Things Anyone Can Do to Greatly Lower Their Stress Levels

The feeling is one of sickening familiarity. A tightening in your chest. Beads of sweat spilling off your skin. An aggressive buzzing in your brain that feels like someone has stuffed a disturbed hornets’ nest inside your head. It’s one of the most overwhelming emotions that every single human is forced to contend with almost on a daily basis. Panic, anxiety, and helplessness all violently crammed into one unpleasant little parcel: the sensation of stress.


No one is exempt or safe from this exhausting emotion. Not even that happy-go-lucky chap you see strolling down the street whistling “Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life”. Stress is so common that many people choose to ignore it, knowing it will ease up by the time they hit the hay. Without apposite management, stress can manifest itself into something much more serious. Listed here are 6 proven ways to cope with stress, allowing you to continue living your life in a healthy, happy manner.


1. Breathe

1. 呼吸

Slow, deep breathing distracts the mind from whatever else might be going on, and actively lowers the bubbling blood that’s brought on by stress. What’s more, cortisol – a hormone released in the body in response to stress – is significantly lowered after taking long inhalations of fresh air, allowing your brain and body to return to their normal functions. It may sound strange, but practicing breathing can help you to build up a tolerance towards the impact that stress has on your life. By partaking in yoga sessions, engaging in frequent breathing exercises, and meditating, you can train your body to become one big relaxation machine – counteracting the horrid effects when Mr Stress comes a-calling.

不管眼下发生什么事,缓缓深吸一口气都能转移注意力,有效缓解压力导致的情绪亢奋。 此外,皮质醇是人体为应对压力释放的一种荷尔蒙,其水平在深吸新鲜空气后会显著降低,使身心恢复正常功能。听来可能奇怪,但是呼吸确实有助于增强人应对压力对自身生活影响的耐受力。 学习瑜伽课程,多进行呼吸练习、冥想,就能把自己的身体训练成一台大的放松机器—— 抵消“压力先生”造访的可怕影响。

2. Write

2. 写作

Instead of allowing a bewildering jumble of thoughts and ideas to bump around inside your head, let them tumble out onto your computer keyboard or note-pad instead. Type away at your desk and channel your emotions into your hard-drive. Scribble your feelings onto a piece of paper. They don’t even have to make sense. Just punch away at your computer on a day-to-day basis for five or ten minutes, and you might be surprised at how light, airy and carefree you feel afterwards.

与其任由一堆乱七八糟、莫名其妙的念头在自己脑海中七上八下,不如将其倾注到电脑键盘或笔记本上。伏案码字吧,将情感传输到硬盘上, 将自己的感觉草草写在一页纸上。写的内容甚至不必有什么意义。每天在电脑前敲击五到十分钟,或许你会惊异于自己此后的感觉竟如此轻松愉快、无忧无虑。

3. Walk

3. 散步

If you’re ever feeling the tension building up in your brain and body, drop everything and simply go for a stroll. Keep yourself at a nice, leisurely pace, and breathe normally. Walking provides your body with an ideal outlet for the build-up of energy that stress can create, and acts as a sensory distraction for the brain as your mind is forced to take in a plethora of sights, smells, sounds and signals.


4. Laugh

4. 笑

If you’re stressed, the last thing you probably feel like doing is laughing. But if you are able to muster up even the smallest chuckle during your day, you’ll soon begin to find that the effects of stress slowly slip away. When we laugh, the body releases happy hormones called endorphins, which actively counteract the blood-boiling chemicals that are produced when stress hits home9. Laughing allows us to take in a momentous supply of fresh oxygen from the air, stimulating the muscles and providing our system with some healthy shock treatment that eases tension brought on by stress.

如果你有压力,很可能最不情愿做的事就是笑了。但是,如果一天中哪怕能微微强笑一次,你很快就会发现压力的影响逐渐消褪了。笑的时候,身体会释放出叫作内啡肽的快乐荷尔蒙,有效抵抗被压力攫住时产 生的让人热血沸腾的化学物质。笑能让我们从空气中吸入大量新鲜氧气,激发肌肉的活力,为人体提供某种休克治疗, 缓解压力带来的紧张。

5. Friends

5. 朋友

Surrounding yourself with the people you love can ultimately be half the battle to combating stress. Even the most confident people feel most comfortable when in the company of others that they’ve come to know and love. If you ever catch yourself with your chin in your hands and a throb in your head, reach for the phone, ring someone you love, and arrange to do something fun. Even sitting at home with a cup of tea and a friend can really help to relieve high levels of stress as it focuses your mind onto something you love. What’s more, it gives you a perfect outlet to vent some frustration. After all, that’s what friends are for.


6. Sleep

6. 睡觉

More recently in society, the human body has been forced to adapt to being constantly surrounded by moving images. Of course, this wasn’t always the case, and the constant exposure to glowing screens is in fact able to generate stress given how it prevents us from sleeping correctly. Sleep is absolutely essential for avoiding high stress levels. Everyone needs good amounts of rest, and by remaining glued to a computer screen for the entire day without taking a break, your body will suffer the consequences, and stress will rise as a result. Take frequent breaks away from the screen, get some sleep, and see your stress ease up.



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