Couple exchange Burger King onion rings after coronavirus cancels wedding

Couple exchange Burger King onion rings after coronavirus cancels wedding
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婚礼因疫情取消 新人以洋葱圈代戒指

By Michael Hollan | Fox News

When one couple’s wedding was canceled at the last minute due to the coronavirus outbreak, they turned to a king.

Burger King.

A couple from England had their wedding plans upended when their venue closed only a few hours before the wedding, leaving them with almost no options. Fortunately, they were still able to exchange rings, even if they were onion rings.

Adam Woods and Laura Acton had saved for their wedding for several years after Woods proposed back in 2017, the Sun reports. On the Friday night before their Saturday wedding, however, the venue closed down after England enacted strict social distancing policies.

Distraught, the couple still decided to head to Liverpool, where they planned on honeymooning. On the way, they say stopped at Burger King.

According to the Sun, Acton said, “We hadn’t eaten anything since Friday night because we felt so sick, so we stopped off at Burger King on the way to Liverpool. Adam ordered some onion rings and when he came back to the car, he told me to put them on and said we can still exchange rings. You just had to laugh. We can still laugh through this as we have each other. If you sit and cry the whole time, you’re only going to make yourself feel worse.”

The couple now says that they’re trying to figure out what to do next. They say the venue offered to postpone the date, but they have not been offered a refund. Acton says she thinks it may be years before she can coordinate another wedding date.
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