Epidemic peak may come in a week or 10 days

Epidemic peak may come in a week or 10 days
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Epidemic peak may come in a week or 10 days

It's hard to predict when the epidemic(1) will reach its peak(2), but it may come in a week or 10 days, said Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering(3) and a prominent expert in respiratory diseases(4) on Janurary 28. After that, the number of people infected(5) by the novel coronavirus(6) will not increase massively, he told Xinhua News Agency(7). There have been reports that early symptoms of the novel coronavirus disease don't include common symptoms of respiratory diseases, such as fever and cough. Zhong said having a fever is still among the most common symptoms of novel coronavirus disease. 10 to 14 days is a perfect window for observation(8). After the incubation period(9), those who haven't been infected will stay healthy and those who have been infected will receive medical treatment. So people's migration(10) after Spring Festival holiday won't cause a massive spread of the disease, but control measures must continue, he added.


Zhong also said so far there is no targeted drug(11) for the novel coronavirus disease, but scientist and medical experts have thought of some ways to fight it. "With the help of life supporting technologies(12), the fatality rate(13) will definitely drop," he said. Zhong stressed that the most effective way to control the epidemic is early identification and quarantine(14) of those infected. "I urged people to stay put(15) before the Spring Festival holiday. I still believe people shouldn't travel, especially those who are from Wuhan. It's not only a personal choice, but also something that matters to society." He said with the support of people around the country, Wuhan can surely get through(16) the epidemic.



(1) epidemic: 传染病

(2) peak:高峰

(3) Chinese Academy of Engineering:中国工程院

(4) respiratory diseases:呼吸系统疾病

(5) infect:感染

(6) novel coronavirus:新型冠状病毒

(7) Xinhua News Agency:新华社

(8) window for observation:观察窗口期

(9) incubation period:潜伏期

(10) migration:迁移

(11) targeted drug:靶向药物

(12) life supporting technologies:生命支持技术

(13) fatality rate:致死率

(14) early identification and quarantine:早发现,早隔离

(15) stay put:不出门

(16) get through:度过,熬过(困难时期等)


It's hard to predict when the epidemic will reach its peak, but it may come in a week or 10 days, said Zhong Nanshan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and a prominent expert in respiratory diseases.


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