Chinese Allegory: Mantis Catches the Cicada

Chinese Allegory: Mantis Catches the Cicada
较易 1689


Once, the King of the State of Wu wanted to invade the State of Chu.

The King of Wu warned his ministers: "If anyone should dare to dissuade me from invading Chu again, I will put him to death."
吴王警告他的大臣们说: “有谁再敢来劝阻我进攻楚国,我就处死他。”

One young hanger-on of his wanted to dissuade him but didn't dare.

He carried a slingshot, and for three consecutive days paced up and down in the King's back garden.

The dew wetted his clothes all through.

One day, the King of Wu called him:"The dew has wetted your clothes to such a state.

Why should you bear such hardship?"

The young man replied: "There is a cicada on a tree in this garden.
年青人回答说: “这个园子里,有一棵树,树上有一只蝉。

The cicada is high above, chirping leisurely and taking in the dew freely, not knowing that a mantis is right behind it.

The mantis, pressing its body close in a concealed place, is intent on catching the cicada, not knowing that a siskin is hiding right behind it.

The siskin is stretching out its neck to peck at the mantis, not knowing that a man carrying a slingshot is under it.

These three small creatures make every effort only to get the benefit before them but ignore entirely the disaster behind."

Having heard the young man's words, the King of Wu suddenly saw the light and said: "What you said is right!"
吴王听了年青人的话后,恍然大悟说: “你说得好啊!”

Consequently, the King of Wu dropped his plan to invade the State of Chu.
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