How to Be a Better Student

How to Be a Better Student
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How to Be a Better Student 

School, homework, and studying. You probably already know a lot about these three things, but you can always use a few good tips on becoming a better student. Here are some from the youth in the Yokota Military Branch, Honshu Japan Military District, on how to study effectively.

·Be organized. Write down the dates your assignments are due and when you will have tests on a calendar or other place where you will be reminded often of your deadlines.
·Turn your homework in on time.
·Get a good night's sleep before tests.
·After you have studied by yourself, studying with a classmate or group can help you better understand hard concepts. Quiz each other.
·Procrastination is your enemy. Avoid it.
·Study for a set amount of time each weekday.
·Take notes in class and from your textbooks on the most important lesson points. You can also make flash cards to remind yourself of key concepts.
·Use any study guides or hints your teacher has given you.
·Have a positive attitude. Complaining will only make learning harder.
·Pray for help. The Lord will help you if you do your part.
·Exercise. A healthy body will help you be more alert and awake to study.
·If you're having trouble understanding something, ask the teacher or one of your parents for help.
·Read. Even when it's not an assignment, reading good books will increase your comprehension and vocabulary.
·Eat breakfast. You'll need brain food throughout the day.
·Study somewhere you can concentrate. Loud music or a lot of people around you can be distracting.

Find out what kind of learner you are. Some people learn better when they listen, some when they read or see things, and some when they write things down. Discover a study method, or a combination of methods, that works best for your learning style.

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