Of Cyber Security and Individual Privacy

Of Cyber Security and Individual Privacy
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Of Cyber Security and Individual Privacy

Yasir Altaf Zargar 

Life is turning out to be dependent on internet. By embracing the day to day physical entities things are dramatically changing and becoming interdependent on virtual connections. The watches on hands and the clocks on walls are now serving as sensor devices. The weather gadget clearly gives us brief information about tomorrow's weather conditions. Life is now turning out to be competitive with the arrival of such inventions. 

The global positioning system is providing us close, possible views of our destinations. Now what else do we need. The inventions of science are providing us comfort with a motive that a person must be self-dependent. We can imagine in virtual world fearlessly by adapting ourselves into the technological digital world. The gradual advancements in science and technology have served this world with such happenings that were impossible to imagine some centuries ago. Nowadays the withdrawal of cash, home based banking (Net Banking); Shopping on an internet enabled smart phone (e-shopping) and the speed in it makes our life easy and comfortable but dependent on internet. The comfort provided by the modern technology is becoming prime concern in our life. 

Today we do not need newspaper to read the regular news headlines. Modern technology has given us such comfort that we can read it now from our smart phone or any device which would have an internet connection. This is possible due to science and the work which researchers did, making life more comfortable within a short span of time. The latest tools which have sensor detection system installed have started controlling our thinking and influencing our lives. All praise goes to the new inventions and advancements. Such advancement has opened opportunities for both the economy and the individuals.

The modern inventions in the 21st century technological world is based on a belief that there would be massive change in microelectronics, communications, information technology and steady change in the size of tools which we use nowadays. We have seen how our mobile phones started working like computers and how these small gadgets have steadily changed over the years. Today we have a watch which can be used as a mobile phone and a clock which could have a camera inbuilt installed or a sensor device which can detect any criminal activity easily by controlling it virtually. The digital up-gradation of conventional objects has enhanced their physical work by making them fast and by connecting them virtually which stands remotely connected to the internet. All this is possible due to Nano-technology. Such developments in conventional tools, like our sewing machines are now electronic; washing machines can now speak, new photo machines, mobile technology, sensor based blood testing, some medical scanners are some of the examples which show that conventional tools has been digitally upgraded and are being computerized to perform quick tasks in less span of time and some are equipped with networks to make them remotely available. The digital connectivity standard between the devices makes them interconnected and the steady change in the tools enhanced their properties. 

Today we are able to perform surgery in ambulances (this is applicable in developed nations; developing nations are working on this concept). Every development is thanks to improvement and enhancement in digital and modern technology.

The improvements and the gradual advancements in technology and the steady change in tools promises to improve individual's standard of living and quality of life. That's why we are witnessing the enhancements and improvements in transportation, logistics, education, health care and many other things. The blessing of science and technology has promised us everything. The digital revolution has begun.

With the systematic enhancements in latest technology, life has become dependent on new inventions. This became prime concern and the questions regarding the privacy of an individual started becoming main issue to all the developments made since many years. The complexities became main obstacle and now a matter of concern. Thus the concept of cyber security takes birth here.

Cyber Security and Individual's privacy

Cyber security or information technology security or virtual security focuses on protecting computers, networks, programs and data from unintended or unauthorized access, change or destruction. It is the body of technologies, processes and practices intended to improve the security of those things which are dependent on virtual connections. With the steady change in technology, our life witnessed a revolution in which we preferred to remain virtually dependent. The replacement in conventional methods and implementation of new technological ways has made sense that the technological world would have cyber risk and in present time that became a prime concern to maintain individual's privacy. The on-going life which is under surveillance and is being monitored with sensor based technology and use of GPS is being used to get all possible information. What would happen if a malicious or un-authorised person takes control over networks which have virtual connections, traffic signals and many other things like our computers, mobile devices which we use to secure our precious information? This would create a big mess around the world. Here the idea of "Cyber security" gains prominence.

With the failure of conventional security techniques and growing cyber-attacks all over the world, many nations, including US, Iran, Pakistan, India started working on the tactics which were meant to improve the security layers and to prevent unauthorised attackers to intrude any network or any website.

The growing cyber-attacks meant that there is a dire need of improving security protocols to things which are remotely connected and provide security to individual's privacy. This has led to the concept of "Ethical hacking".

If hackers want to target a particular company, for example, they can find vast amounts of information on that company just by searching the web. They can then use that info to exploit weaknesses in the company's security, which in turn puts the data you've entrusted to that company in jeopardy.

Think of your home computer as a company. What can you do to protect it against hackers? Instead of sitting back and waiting to get infected, why not arm yourself and fight back?

Keep in mind that a hacker can attack any person. He can do anything depends on his intentions. He could get your Facebook details, publically expose your private pictures or could post anything unwanted or unlawful. He can take your bank details, change password of your online account, and also put backdoors behind in your system.

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