Precious Hands

Precious Hands
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There was once a shepherd who had a daughter whose great beauty attracted a lot of young men from all over the country. One day, the shepherd asked his daughter, "My dear daughter, tell me, what kind of man do you want to be your husband?" His daughter said, "My dear father, my future husband can be poor but also a wealthy man." "How could that be, poor and rich are two opposite things!" said her father. "Dear father, a poor person also has his wealth." Said his daughter. The shepherd then announced that his daughter was ready for marriage.

One day, there were many eligible men gathered outside the shepherd's home. He came out and said, "All right, gentlemen, those who think they are eligible, please come forward and tell me your qualifications!" A few well-dressed gentlemen came forward followed by their servants and camel loads of gifts carried by camels. "We are rich men, we have gold and silver mines, silk, fur and red carpets. Please choose one of us." The shepherd's daughter just smiled.

Then came five young men with some jewelry boxes. "These golden boxes contain rare jewelry. You will be the wealthiest person if you choose one of us to be your husband. " "All of you are not my idea of an ideal husband," said the disappointed lady. One by one young men came forward but they were rejected by her. The shepherd began to worry.

Suddenly, a plainly dressed young man appeared. The shepherd asked, "Young man, you look so poor. What can you offer my daughter?" "My wealth is always with me and it is my hands, " the young man said, "I am a good tailor. I am also a good carpenter. I can make tables and chairs within an hour. Moreover, I can also put up a tent for you all!" The lady smiled. The young man continued, "I can cook too. I can cook delicious meals. However, I do not have any property, servants or jewelry. But, with my pair of hands, I do have a whole life of wealth!" "That's great!" shouted the shepherd's daughter excitedly. "You are wealthier than any of them because you have a pair of precious hands. You are my idea of an ideal husband!"

A pair of hardworking hands can create much wealth.


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