Forever Sisters

Forever Sisters
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Today we are reading a story about two sisters. Their name were Sundy and Candy.

They were very lonely. When their mother died, Sundy was only junior high student and Candy was an elementary school student.

Their father was a gambler. He gambled nights and days. And finally ended up in high debt.

So to avoid repaying the money, he ran away and left the two sisters behind.

At that time their mother had being died for five years. After their father walked down them. The two sisters could only stay at friend’s house because their own house was giving away to repay their father’s debt.

But the two sisters never feared hardship and did not lose hope for a better life.

They lived their life happily and actively. The two sisters were both very hard working, after school Sundy the elder sister did everything she could to support the family.

She sold newspapers and sometimes worked as a tutor to earn extra money. And Candy the younger sister prepared meals and did all the trifles at home. Though the younger sister was small, she could manage money very well.

The two sisters cared for each other and their school grades were excellent.

Now the two sisters are still in poverty, but their stories have touched a lot of people.

And they help the two sisters in any way they can. The landlord, the by house keeper, the shop owners, their school mates and teachers and some neighborhood are all looking after them.

Poor as they are, they say: they are the happiest persons in the world because they can be with each other every day. 


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