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5G Wireless Network Race Set to Begin in 2019

Forget 4G LTE (Long Term Evolution), the stage is set for 5G wireless race in the telecom space. With the telecom industry continuously evolving globally, companies in the sector are fighting it out to stay ahead of the curve.
忘掉4G LTE网络吧,接下来的通讯潮流将被5G所取代。随着5G网络研发的不断推进,全球的通讯企业都在激烈竞争,以求在新一股通讯技术热潮中获取领先地位。

Recently, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced that China will issue “temporary” 5G licenses this year to boost the development of the next-generation mobile communications technology, which is expected to stimulate the economy and bring big changes to daily life.

The temporary 5G licenses will be given out in several cities this year, and consumers will be able to use the first batch of 5G smartphones and tablet computers in the second half of 2019.

Why 5G?

Major countries in the world are competing to be the leader in 5G — the next generation of wireless connectivity — which will enable faster speeds and low latency wireless broadband services. 5G networks will be ten times faster than 4G networks, which is critical not only for consumer experience, but also for new industries to develop more possibilities.

The rising demand for technologically superior products has been a silver lining for the telecom industry in an otherwise tough environment. In this respect, the superfast 5G mobile networks will be of utmost necessity in managing the exponential growth of internet-connected devices, popularly known as Internet of Things (IoT). For self-driving cars, for example, a steady and superfast network is needed to ensure safe driving through communicating with other cars efficiently. 5G is a solution to make this happen.

While 3G wireless network enabled seamless internet connectivity to mobile phone. 4G standard helped companies which thrive on mobile connectivity. Notably, 5G wireless network is likely to boost high-tech artificial intelligence-based products significantly, which is set to be a trend in the future.

silver lining: 一线希望
utmost: adj. 极度的;最大的
exponential: adj. 指数级的


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