练习 | Separation from the United States

练习 | Separation from the United States

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Separation from the United States 


Meantime, a political storm is brewing between the Philippines and the U.S. Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has spoken out recently against U.S. President Barack Obama. And though the U.S. and the Philippines historically had been allies, President Duterte appears to be pivoting, realigning his country more closely with China. During his visit to China on Thursday, he announced his quote, "separation from the United States".

Analysts are trying to figure out what exactly that means.
MATT RIVERS, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Militarily, the United States and the Philippines are treaty allies, with a mutual defense obligation.

The U.S. regularly rotates military troops and equipment through the Philippines and the two countries have also conducted several joint naval patrols in the South China Sea this year.

(Q1) A true separation as President Duterte suggested would mean an end to both the treaty and the troop presence. But President Duterte has made statements before that his staff then has been forced to walk back or clarify. CNN reached out to Duterte's office for more details on his announcement, we receive no reply.

In the past, Duterte has expressed anger over the U.S. military presence but said the treaty would remain because his advisers told him it was necessary. (Q2) He did however cancelled joint military exercises set for next year. What Duterte meant by separating economically is less clear, though U.S.-Philippine trade is worth tens of billions of dollars. In that same speech, the president also indicated what he has said for months now,that he wants to leave the U.S. behind in exchange for new, stronger allies.

1. brew v. (困境或危机)酝酿,形成 If an unpleasant or difficult situation is brewing, it is starting to develop. 例句:
At home a crisis was brewing. 家中一场危机正在酝酿。
There's trouble brewing. 要有麻烦了。

2. ally n. (尤指战时的)同盟国 A country's ally is another country that has an agreement to support it, especially in war. 例句:
Washington would not take such a step without its allies' approval. 没有盟国的同意,华盛顿将不会采取这样一种行动。
The United States is a close ally of South Korea. 美国是韩国的亲密盟友。

3. pivot v. 在枢轴上转动 If something pivots, it balances or turns on a central point. 例句:
The boat pivoted on its central axis and pointed straight at the harbour entrance. 小船原地掉过头来,直指海港入口。
She pivots gracefully on the stage. 她在舞台上优雅地旋转。

4. realign v. 重整; 重组; 重塑; 重新制定 If you realign your ideas, policies, or plans, you organize them in a different way in order to take account of new circumstances. 例句:
She has, almost single-handedly, realigned British politics. 她几乎是单枪匹马一个人重整了英国政坛。

5. quote n. 引文;引语;语录 A quote from a book, poem, play, or speech is a passage or phrase from it. 例句:The article starts with a quote from an unnamed member of the Cabinet. 文章的开头引用了一位未透露姓名的内阁成员说过的话。

6. treaty n. (国家间的)条约,协定 A treaty is a written agreement between countries in which they agree to do a particular thing or to help each other. 例句:
… the Treaty of Rome, which established the European Community 建立了欧洲共同体的《罗马条约》
... negotiations over a 1992 treaty on global warming 围绕 1992 年制定的遏制全球变暖问题的公约而进行的谈判

7. obligation n. (照顾某人或保护某人利益的)义务,责任 If you have an obligation to a person, it is your duty to look after them or protect their interests. 例句:
The United States will do that which is necessary to meet its obligations to its own citizens. 美国将为自己的公民尽其应尽的义务。
I have an ethical and a moral obligation to my client. 我对我的当事人负有道义上的责任。

8. patrol n. 巡逻 Soldiers, police, or guards who are on patrol are patrolling an area. 例句:
The army is now on patrol in Srinagar and a curfew has been imposed. 军队目前在斯利那加巡逻,且已实行了宵禁。
Security forces remained on patrol until late into the night. 保安部队继续巡逻至深夜。

9. in exchange for n. 交换。例句:
Tom gave Helen an apple in exchange for a piece of cake. 汤姆用一个苹果与海伦换一块蛋糕。
It is illegal for public officials to solicit gifts or money in exchange for favors. 公务员通过索要礼物或钱财作为为他人提供便利的交换是违法的。
The trade unions bargained away their rights in exchange for a small pay raise. 工会不惜牺牲自己的权利以换取微薄的加薪。


QUESTION 1: What does the separation probably mean by President Duterte?
(A) An end to either the treaty or the troop presence.
(B) An end to the troop presence.
(C) An end to the treaty.
(D) An end to both the treaty and the troop presence.

QUESTION 2: What did President Duterte cancel?
(A) The joint military exercises between the U.S. and Philippine next year.
(B) The economic trade with the U.S.
(C) The weapon trade with the U.S.
(D) The political visit to the U.S.

1. D细节题。命题出处:A true separation as President Duterte suggested would mean an end to both the treaty and the troop presence.
2. A细节题。命题出处:He did however cancelled joint military exercises set for next year.



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