A1.1.1 General actions, making etc. 一般动作
A1.1.2 Damaging and destroying 破坏
A1.2 Suitability 适合
A1.3 Caution 小心谨慎
A1.4 Chance, luck 机会 幸运
A1.5 Use 用处
A1.5.1 Using 使用
A1.5.2 Usefulness 有效性
A1.6 Physical/mental 身心
A1.7 Constraint 限制
A1.8 Inclusion/Exclusion 包括 排斥
A1.9 Avoiding 避免
A2 Affect 影响
A2.1 Affect:- Modify, change 影响:改变
A2.2 Affect:- Cause/Connected 影响:原因
A3 Being 存在
A4 Classification 分类
A4.1 Generally kinds, groups, examples 一般分类
A4.2 Particular/general; detail 特殊 一般
A5 Evaluation 评价
A5.1 Evaluation:- Good/bad 评价:好坏
A5.2 Evaluation:- True/false 评价:正误
A5.3 Evaluation:- Accuracy 评价:准确性
A5.4 Evaluation:- Authenticity 评价:真实性
A6 Comparing 比较
A6.1 Comparing:- Similar/different 比较:相似性
A6.2 Comparing:- Usual/unusual  比较:稀有性
A6.3 Comparing:- Variety 比较:多样性
A7 Definite (+ modals) 确定
A8 Seem 看来
A9 Getting and giving; possession 取予 拥有
A10 Open/closed; Hiding/Hidden; Finding; Showing 开放 隐藏 寻找 展示
A11 Importance 重要性
A11.1 Importance: Important 重要性:重要
A11.2 Importance: Noticeability 重要性:显著
A12 Easy/difficult 容易 困难
A13 Degree 程度
A13.1 Degree: Non-specific 程度:不确定
A13.2 Degree: Maximizers 程度:最大化
A13.3 Degree: Boosters 程度:增强
A13.4 Degree: Approximators 程度:估计
A13.5 Degree: Compromisers 程度:妥协
A13.6 Degree: Diminishers 程度:减弱
A13.7 Degree: Minimizers 程度:最小化
A14 Exclusivizers/particularizers 特殊化
A15 Safety/Danger 安全 危险
B1 Anatomy and physiology 解剖与生理
B2 Health and disease 健康与疾病
B3 medicines and medical treatment 医药与治疗
B4 Cleaning and personal care 清洁 个人护理
B5 Clothes and personal belongings 衣物 私人用品
C1 Arts and crafts 艺术与工艺
E2 Liking 喜爱
E3 Calm/Violent/Angry 平静 剧烈 愤怒
E4 Happy/sad 喜与悲
E4.1 Happy/sad: Happy 喜与悲:高兴
E4.2 Happy/sad: Contentment 喜与悲:满足
E5 Fear/bravery/shock 恐惧 勇敢 震惊
E6 Worry, concern, confident 担忧 关注 信心
F1 Food 食物
F2 Drinks 饮品
F3 Cigarettes and drugs 香烟与毒品
F4 Farming & Horticulture 农业与园艺
G1 Government, Politics and elections 政府 政治
G1.1 Government etc. 政府
G1.2 Politics 政治
G2 Crime, law and order 犯罪与法律
G2.1 Crime, law and order: Law and order 犯罪与法律:法律
G2.2 General ethics 一般伦理
G3 Warfare, defence and the army; weapons 战争 国防 军队 武器
H1 Architecture and kinds of houses and buildings 建筑
H2 Parts of buildings 建筑局部
H3 Areas around or near houses 建筑周围
H4 Residence 住房
H5 Furniture and household fittings 家具
I1 Money generally 钱财:总体
I1.1 Money: Affluence 钱财:富裕
I1.2 Money: Debts 钱财:负债
I1.3 Money: Price 钱财:价格
I2 Business 生意
I2.1 Business: Generally 生意:总体
I2.2 Business: Selling 生意:销售
I3 Work and employment 工作与就业
I3.1 Work and employment: Generally 工作与就业:总体
I3.2 Work and employmeny: Professionalism 工作与就业:专业化
I4 Industry  工业
K1 Entertainment generally 娱乐:总体
K2 Music and related activities 音乐及相关活动
K3 Recorded sound etc. 录音
K4 Drama, the theatre and showbusiness 戏剧与演艺业
K5 Sports and games generally 体育运动:总体
K5.1 Sports 体育
K5.2 Games 运动项目
K6 Childrens games and toys 儿童游戏 玩具
L1 Life and living things 生命与生物
L2 Living creatures generally 生物:总体
L3 Plants 植物
M1 Moving, coming and going 移动 来去
M2 Putting, taking, pulling, pushing, transporting &c. 放置 推拉 传送
M3 Vehicles and transport on land 陆地交通
M4 Shipping, swimming etc. 船运 游泳
M5 Aircraft and flying 飞行器 飞行
M6 Location and direction 位置和方向
M7 Places 地点
M8 Remaining/stationary 静止
N1 Numbers  数字
N2 Mathematics 数学
N3 Measurement 测量
N3.1 Measurement: General 测量:总体
N3.2 Measurement: Size  测量:大小
N3.3 Measurement: Distance 测量:距离
N3.4 Measurement: Volume 测量:体积
N3.5 Measurement: Weight 测量:重量
N3.6 Measurement: Area 测量:面积
N3.7 Measurement: Length & height 测量:长和高
N3.8 Measurement: Speed 测量:速度
N4 Linear order 线性顺序
N5 Quantities 数量
N5.1 Entirety; maximum 全部 最大值
N5.2 Exceeding; waste 超过 浪费
N6 Frequency etc. 频率
O1 Substances and materials generally 实体与材料:总体
O1.1 Substances and materials generally: Solid 实体与材料:固体
O1.2 Substances and materials generally: Liquid 实体与材料:液体
O1.3 Substances and materials generally: Gas 实体与材料:气体
O2 Objects generally 物体:总体
O3 Electricity and electrical equipment 电与电气设备
O4 Physical attributes 实体特性
O4.1 General appearance and physical properties 总体外观与实体属性
O4.2 Judgement of appearance (pretty etc.) 对外观的评判
O4.3 Colour and colour patterns 色彩
O4.4 Shape 形状
O4.5 Texture 质地
O4.6 Temperature 温度
P1 Education in general 教育:总体
Q1.2 Paper documents and writing 书面文件
Q1.3 Telecommunications 电信交流
Q2 Speech acts 演讲
Q2.1 Speech etc:- Communicative 演讲:交流
Q2.2 Speech acts 演讲活动
Q3 Language, speech and grammar 语言 言语 语法
Q4 The Media 媒体
Q4.1 The Media:- Books 媒体:书籍
Q4.2 The Media:- Newspapers etc. 媒体:报刊
Q4.3 The Media:- TV, Radio and Cinema 媒体:影视
S1.1.2 Reciprocity 交互性
S1.1.3 Participation 参与性
S1.1.4 Deserve etc. 理所应当
S1.2 Personality traits 个人特性
S1.2.1 Approachability and Friendliness 友好程度
S1.2.2 Avarice 贪婪
S1.2.3 Egoism 自我中心
S1.2.4 Politeness 礼貌
S1.2.5 Toughness; strong/weak 坚强 顽固
S1.2.6 Sensible 理智
S2 People
S2.1 People:- Female 人:女人
S2.2 People:- Male   人:男人
S3 Relationship 人际关系
S3.1 Relationship: General 人际关系:总体
S3.2 Relationship: Intimate/sexual 人际关系:男女关系
S4 Kin 亲戚
S5 Groups and affiliation 团体与从属
S6 Obligation and necessity 义务与需要
S7 Power relationship 权力关系
S7.1 Power, organizing 组织权力
S7.2 Respect 尊敬
S7.3 Competition 竞争
S7.4 Permission 批准
S8 Helping/hindering 促进与阻碍
S9 Religion and the supernatural 宗教与超自然
T1 Time 时间
T1.1 Time: General 时间:总体
T1.1.1 Time: General: Past 时间:总体:过去
T1.1.2 Time: General: Present; simultaneous 时间:总体:现在
T1.1.3 Time: General: Future 时间:总体:未来
T1.2 Time: Momentary 时间:瞬间
T1.3 Time: Period 时间:片段
T2 Time: Beginning and ending 时间:始与终
T3 Time: Old, new and young; age 时间:新旧 年龄
T4 Time: Early/late 时间:早与迟
W1 The universe 宇宙
W2 Light
W3 Geographical terms 地理术语
W4 Weather  天气
W5 Green issues 环境问题
X2 Mental actions and processes 心理活动
X2.1 Thought, belief 想法 信念
X2.2 Knowledge 知识
X2.3 Learn 学习
X2.4 Investigate, examine, test, search 调查 测试 查找
X2.5 Understand 理解
X2.6 Expect 期望
X3 Sensory 感官
X3.1 Sensory:- Taste 感官:味觉
X3.2 Sensory:- Sound 感官:听觉
X3.3 Sensory:- Touch 感官:触觉
X3.4 Sensory:- Sight 感官:视觉
X3.5 Sensory:- Smell 感官:嗅觉
X4 Mental object 心理物件
X4.1 Mental object:- Conceptual object 心理物件:概念物件
X4.2 Mental object:- Means, method 心理物件:方式方法
X5 Attention 注意力
X5.1 Attention 注意力
X5.2 Interest/boredom/excited/energetic 兴趣 厌烦
X6 Deciding 决定
X7 Wanting; planning; choosing 想要 打算 选择
X8 Trying 尝试
X9 Ability 能力
X9.1 Ability:- Ability, intelligence 能力:技能与智力
X9.2 Ability:- Success and failure 能力:成功与失败
Y1 Science and technology in general 科技
Y2 Information technology and computing 信息技术与计算机
Z0 Unmatched proper noun 未分类的专有名词
Z1 Personal names 人名
Z2 Geographical names 地名
Z3 Other proper names 其他专有名词
Z4 Discourse Bin 语篇回收站
Z5 Grammatical bin 语法回收站
Z6 Negative 否定
Z7 If 如果
Z8 Pronouns etc. 代词
Z9 Trash can 回收站
Z99 Unmatched 未分类
APPGE possessive pronoun, pre-nominal (e.g. my, your, our) 所有格代词 名词前成分
AT article (e.g. the, no) 冠词
AT1 singular article (e.g. a, an, every) 单数冠词
BCL before-clause marker (e.g. in order (that),in order (to)) 从句前标记
CC coordinating conjunction (e.g. and, or) 并列连词
CCB adversative coordinating conjunction ( but) 转折连词
CS subordinating conjunction (e.g. if, because, unless, so, for) 从属连词
CSA as (as conjunction) 连词as
CSN than (as conjunction) 连词than
CST that (as conjunction) 连词that
CSW whether (as conjunction) 连词whether
DA after-determiner or post-determiner capable of pronominal function (e.g. such, former, same) 具有代词功能的后限定词
DA1 singular after-determiner (e.g. little, much) 单数后限定词
DA2 plural after-determiner (e.g. few, several, many) 复数后限定词
DAR comparative after-determiner (e.g. more, less, fewer) 比较级后限定词
DAT superlative after-determiner (e.g. most, least, fewest) 最高级后限定词
DB before determiner or pre-determiner capable of pronominal function (all, half) 具有代词功能的前限定词
DB2 plural before-determiner ( both) 复数前限定词
DD determiner (capable of pronominal function) (e.g any, some) 具有代词功能的限定词
DD1 singular determiner (e.g. this, that, another) 单数限定词
DD2 plural determiner ( these,those) 复数限定词
DDQ wh-determiner (which, what) wh-限定词
DDQGE wh-determiner, genitive (whose) wh-限定词(所有格)
DDQV wh-ever determiner, (whichever, whatever) wh-ever限定词
EX existential there 存现性there
FO formula 公式
FU unclassified word 未分类的单词
FW foreign word 外语单词
GE germanic genitive marker - (' or's) 日耳曼语系的所有格标记(')
IF for (as preposition) 介词for
II general preposition 一般介词
IO of (as preposition) 介词of
IW with, without (as prepositions) 介词with without
JJ general adjective 一般形容词
JJR general comparative adjective (e.g. older, better, stronger) 一般比较级形容词
JJT general superlative adjective (e.g. oldest, best, strongest) 一般最高级形容词
JK catenative adjective (able in be able to, willing in be willing to) 链接形容词
MC cardinal number,neutral for number (two, three..) 基数词(单复数一致)
MC1 singular cardinal number (one) 单数基数词
MC2 plural cardinal number (e.g. sixes, sevens) 复数基数词
MCGE genitive cardinal number, neutral for number (two's, 100's) 所有格基数词(单复数一致)
MCMC hyphenated number (40-50, 1770-1827) 带连字符的数字
MD ordinal number (e.g. first, second, next, last) 序数词
MF fraction,neutral for number (e.g. quarters, two-thirds) 分数(单复数一致)
ND1 singular noun of direction (e.g. north, southeast) 单数方向词
NN common noun, neutral for number (e.g. sheep, cod, headquarters) 普通名词(单复数一致)
NN1 singular common noun (e.g. book, girl) 单数普通名词
NN2 plural common noun (e.g. books, girls) 复数普通名词
NNA following noun of title (e.g. M.A.) 称谓名词后成分
NNB preceding noun of title (e.g. Mr., Prof.) 称谓名词前成分
NNL1 singular locative noun (e.g. Island, Street) 单数方位名词
NNL2 plural locative noun (e.g. Islands, Streets) 复数方位名词
NNO numeral noun, neutral for number (e.g. dozen, hundred) 数字名词(单复数一致)
NNO2 numeral noun, plural (e.g. hundreds, thousands) 复数数字名字
NNT1 temporal noun, singular (e.g. day, week, year) 单数时间名词
NNT2 temporal noun, plural (e.g. days, weeks, years) 复数时间名词
NNU unit of measurement, neutral for number (e.g. in, cc) 测量单位(单复数一致)
NNU1 singular unit of measurement (e.g. inch, centimetre) 单数测量单位
NNU2 plural unit of measurement (e.g. ins., feet) 复数测量单位
NP proper noun, neutral for number (e.g. IBM, Andes) 专有名词(单复数一致)
NP1 singular proper noun (e.g. London, Jane, Frederick) 单数专有名词
NP2 plural proper noun (e.g. Browns, Reagans, Koreas) 复数专有名词
NPD1 singular weekday noun (e.g. Sunday) 单数星期名词
NPD2 plural weekday noun (e.g. Sundays) 复数星期名词
NPM1 singular month noun (e.g. October) 单数月份名词
NPM2 plural month noun (e.g. Octobers) 复数月份名词
PN indefinite pronoun, neutral for number (none) 不定代词(单复数一致)
PN1 indefinite pronoun, singular (e.g. anyone, everything, nobody, one) 单数不定代词
PNQO objective wh-pronoun (whom) 宾语wh-代词
PNQS subjective wh-pronoun (who) 主语wh-代词
PNQV wh-ever pronoun (whoever) wh-ever代词
PNX1 reflexive indefinite pronoun (oneself) 反身不定代词
PPGE nominal possessive personal pronoun (e.g. mine, yours) 名词所有格人称代词
PPH1 3rd person sing. neuter personal pronoun (it) 第三人称单数中性人称代词
PPHO1 3rd person sing. objective personal pronoun (him, her) 第三人称单数宾语人称代词
PPHO2 3rd person plural objective personal pronoun (them) 第三人称复数宾语人称代词
PPHS1 3rd person sing. subjective personal pronoun (he, she) 第三人称单数主语人称代词
PPHS2 3rd person plural subjective personal pronoun (they) 第三人称复数主语人称代词
PPIO1 1st person sing. objective personal pronoun (me) 第一人称单数宾语人称代词
PPIO2 1st person plural objective personal pronoun (us) 第一人称复数宾语人称代词
PPIS1 1st person sing. subjective personal pronoun (I) 第一人称单数主语人称代词
PPIS2 1st person plural subjective personal pronoun (we) 第一人称复数主语人称代词
PPX1 singular reflexive personal pronoun (e.g. yourself, itself) 单数反身人称代词
PPX2 plural reflexive personal pronoun (e.g. yourselves, themselves) 复数反身人称代词
PPY 2nd person personal pronoun (you) 第二人称代词
RA adverb, after nominal head (e.g. else, galore) 名词后的副词
REX adverb introducing appositional constructions (namely, e.g.) 引出同位结构的副词
RG degree adverb (very, so, too) 程度副词
RGQ wh- degree adverb (how) wh-程度副词
RGQV wh-ever degree adverb (however) wh-ever程度副词
RGR comparative degree adverb (more, less) 比较级程度副词
RGT superlative degree adverb (most, least) 最高级程度副词
RL locative adverb (e.g. alongside, forward) 方位副词
RP prep. adverb, particle (e.g about, in) 介词性副词(分词)
RPK prep. adv., catenative (about in be about to) 介词性副词(链接词)
RR general adverb 一般副词
RRQ wh- general adverb (where, when, why, how) wh-一般副词
RRQV wh-ever general adverb (wherever, whenever) wh-ever一般副词
RRR comparative general adverb (e.g. better, longer) 比较级一般副词
RRT superlative general adverb (e.g. best, longest) 最高级一般副词
RT quasi-nominal adverb of time (e.g. now, tomorrow) 半名词的时间副词
TO infinitive marker (to) 不定式标记
UH interjection (e.g. oh, yes, um) 感叹词
VB0 be, base form (finite i.e. imperative, subjunctive) be原形
VBDR were were
VBDZ was was
VBG being being
VBI be, infinitive (To be or not... It will be ..) be不定式
VBM am am
VBN been been
VBR are are
VBZ is is
VD0 do, base form (finite) do原形
VDD did did
VDG doing doing
VDI do, infinitive (I may do... To do...) do不定式
VDN done done
VDZ does does
VH0 have, base form (finite) have原形
VHD had (past tense) had(过去式)
VHG having having
VHI have, infinitive have不定式
VHN had (past participle) had(过去分词)
VHZ has has
VM modal auxiliary (can, will, would, etc.) 助动词
VMK modal catenative (ought, used) 链接动词
VV0 base form of lexical verb (e.g. give, work) 实义动词原形
VVD past tense of lexical verb (e.g. gave, worked) 实义动词过去式
VVG -ing participle of lexical verb (e.g. giving, working) 实义动词-ing分词
VVGK -ing participle catenative (going in be going to) 作-ing分词的链接动词
VVI infinitive (e.g. to give... It will work...) 不定式
VVN past participle of lexical verb (e.g. given, worked) 实义动词过去分词
VVNK past participle catenative (e.g. bound in be bound to) 作过去分词的链接动词
VVZ -s form of lexical verb (e.g. gives, works) 实义动词-s形式
XX not, n't not n't
ZZ1 singular letter of the alphabet (e.g. A,b) 字母单数
ZZ2 plural letter of the alphabet (e.g. A's, b's) 字母复数
n 名词
nr 人名
nr1 汉语姓氏
nr2 汉语名字
nrj 日语人名
nrf 音译人名
ns 地名
nsf 音译地名
nt 机构团体名
nz 其它专名
nl 名词性惯用语
ng 名词性语素
t 时间词
tg 时间词性语素
s 处所词
f 方位词
v 动词
vd 副动词
vn 名动词
vshi 动词“是”
vyou 动词“有”
vf 趋向动词
vb 补助动词
vx 形式动词
vi 不及物动词(内动词)
vl 动词性惯用语
vg 动词性语素
a 形容词
ad 副形词
an 名形词
ag 形容词性语素
al 形容词性惯用语
b 区别词
bg 区别词性语素
bl 区别词性惯用语
z 状态词
r 代词
rr 人称代词
rz 指示代词
rzt 时间指示代词
rzs 处所指示代词
rzv 谓词性指示代词
ry 疑问代词
ryt 时间疑问代词
rys 处所疑问代词
ryv 谓词性疑问代词
rg 代词性语素
m 数词
mq 数量词
q 量词
qv 动量词
qt 时量词
d 副词
p 介词
pba 介词“把”
pbei 介词“被”
c 连词
cc 并列连词
u 助词
uyy 一样
udh 的话
uls 来说
ujl 极了
uqj 起见
e 叹词
y 语气词
o 拟声词
h 前接成分
k 后接成分
x 字符串
xx 非语素字
xu 网址URL
w 标点符号
wkz 左括号
wky 右括号
wyb 半角引号
wyz 左引号
wyy 右引号
wj 句号
ww 问号
wt 叹号
wd 逗号
wf 分号
wn 顿号
wm 冒号
ws 省略号
wp 破折号
wb 百分号千分号
wh 单位符号